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Become a big time internet marketer (big fish) by choosing the right niche (pond)

Want to become a Big Time Internet Marketer? The world wide web is a truly international marketplace. That is a great thing in many ways but it can also make it rather hard to promote or sell yourself, the stuff you produce or want to sell or the things you want to do to help others out, while making a few bucks, or more, for yourself. There is so much competition and competitors that have so many resourses, that the only way that you will be able to compete is if you can come up with a highly effective marketing technique that people in that niche will be turned on by.

If you have a passion for a particular niche and really want to become a big time internet marketer, it will be so much easier for you to enter that niche and do very well. Even so you will still have some competitors, if you have chosen a good niche, because a niche with no competitors usually proves to be a niche that nobody has any interest in. Having some interest in the niche will make it far easier for you to come up with valuable content that people in that niche will be interested in as well as well as hopefully, sometimes, be interested in buying.

The more experience you can muster in the niche, showing that you have become a big time internet marketer, the better it will be for establishing your authority, which will make it all that much easier for you to produce valuable products and have the image of someone that yours subscribers would want to buy and learn from.

It is probably best not to choose too small of a niche as there could be very few people interested in that niche and at the same time one person in that niche could already hold a huge amount of power and authority in that niche, making it very difficult to break in. So look to join a bit large niche where there is a least some competition.

Make sure not to every say anything bad about your competitors. Just look for an angle where you can be a little bit different than them. In some cases you could even work together, promoting each others products.

Always track everything you do, using services like , and if things don’t seem to be going so well, maybe choose a bit more targeted niche, or just start trying out a completely different niche.

To become a big success (big fish) on the Internet, you must either build a huge company with international recognition or set your terms of success tightly. If you are hoping to come up with a search engine that is more popular than the almighty Google, that would be an almost impossible dream, but putting up a site that eventually becomes the number-one resource for dentists in Chicago, homeowners in Miami, or roofers in Indiana, is a goal that can actually be achieved.

Don’t fail to spend a reasonable amount of time in choosing your niche (pond) very carefully.

To Your Success,

Thomas Burke